We are in a position to offer the following services:


             1. Yacht Surveys

                Pre-purchase Surveys (including photo and/or video coverage, osmosis testing for grp 

                yachts, ultrasonic thickness measurements for steel and aluminium yachts)

                Damage Surveys

                Repairs and Drydockings

                Newbuilding Supervision


             2. P & I Surveys (Condition, Damage and Cargo)


             3. H & M Surveys (Condition and Damage)


             4. Independent Surveys 

                - Pre-purchase (including photo and/or video coverage, ultrasonic thickness measurements) 

                - Damage

                - Off-on hire 

                - Bunker surveys

                - Hatch Cover Ultrasonic Tightness testing


             5. Surveys on behalf of Charterers (Condition and damage)


             6. Cargo Surveys (Pre-shipment and damage)


             7. Supervision of repairs, drydockings and newbuilding


             8.  Claims preparation and submittance


             9.  Studies and Calculations (Trim and Stability, Grain Loading, Damage, Stability,    

                 Tonnage Measurement etc)


             10.  Design of new vessels and design of conversions.


             11. Authorised Hellenic Government Safety Inspectors for repairs carried out in any Greek   



             12. Consultants to Marine Lawyers and Average Adjusters


             13. Preparation of Tankers prior to inspections by oil majors




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